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We have over 15 years of experience in the visitor and event industry if would like to know more
contact us on 0800 7555 100.

15 years experience in event and security management.....

Man Power Direct has a team of experienced individuals that add up to well over 90 years of expereience in the industry. We have been operation for a number of years helping our customers to be able to ensure there events are always safe and secure to the latest industry standards.

We have a number of testimonials from well known companies that we are happy to share with you over the phone or via email, we are not able to display these online due to the nature of our industry and the fact NDA have been appropriately agreed. These tesimonials come from customers that are known nationally and possibly even internationally if you have been in the inudstry for a while.

We pride ourselves on all aspects of our service and the fact that we look to help as many as possible to understand the options they have available to them within the visitor and event sector. We don't just focus on our knowledge but also on our delivery of our work, we understand that at times it is hard to take in all the different measures that are available therefore we like to think of the best ways to convey them.

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